• Welcome to Ashokam Ayurveda
    A New Vision of Ayurveda
  • Welcome to Ashokam Ayurveda
    A New Vision of Ayurveda
  • Welcome to Ashokam Ayurveda
    A New Vision of Ayurveda
  • Welcome to Ashokam Ayurveda
    A New Vision of Ayurveda

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Ashokam Ayurveda

The Ashokam Ayurveda are into healthcare Best Ayurveda treatments in India for years and lead the US and India. You can seek great knowledge regarding Ayurveda with traditional methods and training for students around the world. You can learn the Best ayurvedic courses in Kerala that Ashokam Ayurveda conduct based on the Veda texts with a perfect curriculum proposed by our expert faculty.




Ayurveda Packages

When looking for some great Ayurveda packages in India, Ashokam provides you with amazing packages in different categories. You can pick the Best Ayurveda packages in Kerala based upon vacation and stay at Ashokam Resorts. Considering the proper stay will help in deciding the perfect package, so you need to be choosy in-between categories given.


Best Ayurveda Retreats

The expertise faculty of Ashokam manages to deliver a stress-free environment and ensure you to provide complete relaxation to your mind and body. By choosing for the Best yoga and Ayurveda retreats in Kerala dependent upon your stay will be helpful for you surely. You can choose the ideal package according to the duration of your stay at Ashokam Resorts


Best Ayurveda Courses

Ashokam Ayurveda manages to offer certificate courses discussing a variety of topics on Ayurveda. Experts discuss the Ayurveda topics in-depth with easy explanation methods to provide complete information on the subject to the learners. So you can consider choosing the Best Ayurveda packages in India and seeking in-depth knowledge of it from experts. come like a drop and go like ocean


Best Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda treatments are proven to be the most effective on body and mind, so our team of Ayurveda doctors offer Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for treating a variety of body issues. Experts will suggest you ideal Panchakarma treatments in Kerala after consultation with you. Also, depending upon the duration of the tourist's schedule, they can suggest the proper package.

Ayurveda science -

A significant
aspect of a human's mind
in the modern world.

Ayurveda has been there for thousands of years, providing numerous health and mental benefits to humans. The science of Ayurveda is preserving health against diseases by boosting immune systems and balancing five tattvas of your body well. With the use of nutrition, herbs, medication, and other practices, Ayurveda is aiming to achieve the best benefits for the human body. It is essential to seek knowledge regarding Ayurveda science as that helps you to unveil yourself at a spiritual level and attain harmony for your entire system. Ayurveda is always appreciated as the organic and complete health care system.

Our Yoga Package

The importance of yoga is inevitable, and Ashokam understands it completely. Ashokam presents the Best Ayurveda yoga retreats in Kerala for health solutions. Depending on your stay duration, you can sign up for the convenient yoga courses to relieve mental stress and body tension with yoga.

Yoga Retreat

Where we take to ensure to offer the highest quality Retreats for an individuals & groups. all retreats meant to be holistic ∓ health conscious prepared for upgrading human mind

Yoga Courses

You can learn yoga courses from the trained professionals in Ashokam for improving your quality of life with Ayurveda packages in Kerala practiced by experts.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapies are proven to be really helpful for the human body. With our expert team of yoga professionals, you can learn about yoga therapies and attain maximum benefits from it.

The pleasure of luxury

Our sea facing luxury Accommodation


Ayurveda: the path to a better life

Ayurveda is a significant aspect that is present for thousands of years and benefits humans with amazing benefits. When we talk about the best ways to improve our health in natural ways, Ayurveda is the first to strike our mind. It is a path to a better life as it blends our modern lifestyle and healthy habits with great knowledge of Ayurveda products in India to help us to lead a healthy, stress-free, and contented life.

Discover Ayurveda

Why Ayurveda ?

Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic Remedies




Ayurveda therapies and treatments benefit the most when performed by Ayurveda experts or under their guidance. Ashokam understands the vitality of expert guidance for performing Ayurveda treatment in Kerala and therapies, so they provide expert faculty for doing the job.

A team of trained experts works under the guidance of Dr. K P Kurup, who is a renowned Diabetologist & Physician. With more than 35 years of experience, Dr. Kurup ensures that each expert performs their Ayurveda retreats in Kerala with great potential so that each client of Ashokam can be benefitted from the best.


Ashokam is all about Ayurveda and a great experience. We manage to offer a wide variety of Ayurveda treatments classified into ten categories, each having a different purpose and different benefits. We provide proven treatments for sinusitis & migraine and helping our clients to lead a healthy life. You can expect proper treatment and several health benefits against these ailments and improving overall health.

You can get the Best Ayurveda products in Kerala for improving the quality of life with Ashoka medications.



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